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No.thing Leader Guide


While you may not need a detailed, step-by-step lesson plan, the downloadable Leader Guide provides thoughts to guide you in leading your group through the chapters of No.thing with adaptable thoughts and lessons. The goal is to help lead your group along their own journey through now thing, next thing, new thing, and know thing. Individualize the topics to meet those needs.

Discussion questions are included at the end of each lesson. This guide is set up for a 8 week study; however, some might choose to do a 12 week study. At the end of each of the four sections, feel free to add a Q & A bonus week and possibly dinner.

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The downloadable Leader Guide is perfect to walk your group through Esther’s book, No.thing.

What it includes:

Section One| NOW thing
Theme: REALITY- Debunking discouragement and disappointment.
Learning in the Now- “Turning things right-side-up when Life tips Over your Cup.”
WEEK 1 > Empower Your Destiny by Confronting Reality.
WEEK 2 > Envision God’s Promise in place of Your Plans.

Section Two | NEXT thing
Theme: SECURITY- Rebooting our thinking, seeing, hearing and speaking
Leveraging your Next- “Catapulting the Barriers that keep you from reaching your Potential.”
WEEK 3 > Shifting Focus, Mindset, and Life into a God-perspective.
WEEK 4 > Overcoming Obstacles that threaten Security.

Section Three | NEW thing
Theme: IDENTITY- Shedding Fear and Doubt by Embracing your Value and Worth
Leaning Into the New- “Breaking Free in who God meant You to Be”
WEEK 5 > Soaring in Raw Confidence and God-given Identity.
WEEK 6 > Growing in Courage and God-given Identity.

Section Four | KNOW thing
Theme: MATURITY- Humbling Ourselves and Leaping into God’s Everything
Living in your Know- “Realizing meaningful Living in every Season of life”
WEEK 7 > Developing Christian Maturity by Knowing it’s okay to
let go of things stopping us.
WEEK 8 > Following God’s Purpose for Living Complete.