Esther Pannebaker

Esther holder her book No.Thing

Are you trusting in a “thing” to complete you?

Has life knocked your cup over, spilling your dreams and complicating your next step?

Perhaps you have a solid relationship with God, but has reality shaken your security and identity?

Maybe you seek answers and new handles for growing in spiritual maturity. Did you once see yourself attempting great things for God but now wonder how you’ll survive carpool … or chemo?

Do you just feel like a  No.thing with a long list of all.the.things to do? 

Your Life is Much More than a No.thing!

No matter your age, gender, season, or circumstance, you have a God-given purpose. No.Thing will give you a warm, funny, and wise look at overcoming adversity by giving you:       

Helpful handles for

hope and happiness

Biblical lessons to

leverage and apply to your life

Tips to overcoming obstacles

in a purposeful way

Life hacks to better

thinking, speaking and feeling

Once you read this book and start pursuing and applying God’s everything in your life, not a thing will stop you from leaping more fully into His goodness.

Not one thing. No.thing!

Get  to Know Esther!

Esther has been a supportive pastor’s wife for 16 years, while mothering four beautiful children; three of which are grown adults and one teenager left in the nest. Esther has learned and now understands what it means to steward and shepherd the hearts of others well.  She not only loves her family, friends, neighbors, and community, but she understands what makes people thrive.

Esther hopes after reading No.Thing or hearing her speak, you’ll walk away feeling refreshed, refit, and rejuvenated to face that seemingly unmovable thing with the same unstoppable spirit.

Writing words of courage and inspiring others is what Esther does best. People have always been an important part of Esther’s life and finding a way to ease into their lives, just comes naturally. Notorious for her hospitality and home-cooked meals, this Northern born girl soon adapted to the Southern way of living and giving. Over glasses of sweet tea or steamy coffee, she has listened to stories of adventure, pain, and ambition, while cheering on through their struggle and triumph.

Esther wants this web page to be her virtual living room, where you too can come and sit in with a cup of coffee and feel at home.

When she isn’t writing, you can find her tending her flowers, cooking a meal for a friend, teaching choir, tutoring high school grammar or teaching a writing class. She owns and manages properties and oversees her daughter’s last few years of school. Esther’s guilty pleasure is drinking Ethiopian coffee and eating chocolate cream pie with a golden flakey crust. She also loves to wear sunglasses and relax on the ocean beach with her husband of 30 years, feel the fresh salt breeze in her hair, and squish warm sand between her toes.



Coffee Chic Chats

Speaking, cheering, and laughing with you!
Holding groups at their special speaking events makes my heart happy.
I’d love to visit you!

Debunking insecurity by life hacking the words stuck, stripped, stagnant.


Resetting and Rebuilding
(when life knocks over your cup), your purpose & passion through seasons of no and wait.


Reframing and Renaming your hurt into a message of hope that stretches you from No.Thing to a New thing.


Finding maturity in Christ’s everything when reality shakes your identity and security.


Breaking Free of Fear
by Leaping into who You
were created to be!

I would love to connect with you!

Let’s create an event that leaves your group feeling refreshed, refit, and rejuvenated to face the seemingly unmovable thing, with an unstoppable spirit.

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